Best known for their musical group, Aykanna, husband and wife team Akahdahmah and Sukhdev Jackson share their soulful, freestyle-infused, percussion-driven music with audiences all over the globe. As teachers, they share their passion for Kundalini yoga and meditation, quantum healing and sacred chant through concerts, retreats and workshops. 

After a 10 year journey in mainstream music together, in 2009, Aykanna was born out of an awakening they experienced through mantra and music’s healing power. 

Aykanna’s style is infused with a deep sense of unity and a strong connection to the sacred music traditions of India. The music melting pot of N.Y and London exposed them to powerful influence from Afro-Cuban drums, reggae rhythms and urban beats of hip hop as well as house music. Aykanna's music is inspiring, and reaches out beyond the boundaries of new age music genres and into the hearts of people worldwide. This is music with purpose. 

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Aap Sohai Hoa ( 11 Min Meditation) 12:19 1,269
Aad Sach 6:28 1,035
Wahe Guru ( 11min Meditation) 11:02 1,019
Har Haray Haree 12:21 897
I Am 7:36 887
Jap Man Sat Nam 5:59 866
Ek Ong Kaur 5:57 779
Guru Ram Das 5:48 680
Be the Light 4:34 637
Light of My Soul 7:45 598


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