Bhai Satvinder Singh (Delhi)

Bhai Satvinder Singh and Bhai Harvinder Singh are undoubtedly one of the finest modern keertan jathas in the world today. Bhai Satvinder Singh, along with his brother Harvinder Singh, are from Delhi, India. Together, their beautiful harmonies and soul-enlightening musical compositions, make them favorites with sangat around the world. Bhai Satvinder Singh had many offers in his young age to pursue the path of mainstream music, singing Punjabi and Hindi songs, but he turned them down, including the lucrative record deals, to sing keertan and encourage a Gurmat way of life to youth and elders all around the world.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Asa Di Vaar 1 12:49 38,775
Asa Di Vaar 6 11:08 35,163
Asa Di Vaar 3 12:26 35,028
Asa Di Vaar 5 10:46 34,929
Tuhi Tuhi 11:47 31,309
Aapne Sevak Ki Aape Raakhai 13:44 13,926
Eh Janam Tumare Lekhe 7:42 10,588
Asa Di Vaar 2 11:49 10,185
Asa Di Vaar 4 12:02 9,858
Tum Karo Daya Mere Saie 10:53 8,122