Immortal Productions

Immortal Productions are a group of individuals that came together to release & produce the Shaheedi series. Immortal Productions provides a platform for people of different backgrounds to utilise their skills for the production of Sikh related educational media. All members of IP work on the projects on a seva (selfless service) basis in their spare time. The IP team consists of various skilled people such as musicians, producers, singers, writers, designers, translators, historians, distributors... Our emphasis is on the propagation of Sikh values through engaging media, such as music, which will connect with people that would not necessarily be able to connect or understand traditional methods of Sikh teaching. We do not aim to replace any Sikh musical tradition but hope listening to the albums will provide a stepping stone to understanding Sikh values to those people that are feeling disenfranchised with society.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Wakeup call 5:35 1,805
baba deep singh shaheed 3:05 1,655
Mool Mantar in English 1:22 1,522
raaj khalse da 6:00 1,150
interlude 1:38 1,143
Mool Mantar 5:52 1,119
forget what divides us 3:59 1,046
singh soormeh 4:04 928
intro 0:30 472
Sant Sipahi 4:52 468


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