Satya Amrit Khalsa

26 year old Sikh Musician from Santiago, Chile. Featuring his first album Akash which is a collection of eight tracks that elevate you with the different rhythms and harmonies. 

Blog post in memory of Satya Amrit Singh who left his body Oct 26th 2010



Most Played

Title Length Plays
Ajai Alai 8:37 5,595
Guru Ram Das 6:20 4,721
Mul Mantra 9:34 3,159
Adi Mantra 7:42 2,093
Reverencia 6:40 2,068
I am the light of the soul 3:45 1,863
Eterno Sol 4:49 1,751
Guru Guru Wahe Guru 5:26 1,593
Del Amor Al Amor 6:48 1,570



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