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Su`krvwr, 15 k`qk (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI)

sUhI mhlw 1 ] ijn kau BWfY Bwau iqnw svwrsI ] sUKI krY pswau dUK ivswrsI ] shsw mUly nwih srpr qwrsI ]1] iqn@w imilAw guru Awie ijn kau lIiKAw ] AMimRqu hir kw nwau dyvY dIiKAw ] cwlih siqgur Bwie Bvih n BIiKAw ]2] jw kau mhlu hjUir dUjy invY iksu ] dir drvwxI nwih mUly puC iqsu ] CutY qw kY boil swihb ndir ijsu ]3] Gly Awxy Awip ijsu nwhI dUjw mqY koie ] Fwih auswry swij jwxY sB soie ] nwau nwnk bKsIs ndrI krmu hoie ] 4]3]5]

Listen to Gurbani audio from Ang 729 which today's hukamnama is from.

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English Translation:

SOOHEE, FIRST MEHL: Those whose minds are filled with love of the Lord, are blessed and exalted. They are blessed with peace, and their pains are forgotten. He will undoubtedly, certainly save them. || 1 || The Guru comes to meet those whose destiny is so pre-ordained. He blesses them with the Teachings of the Ambrosial Name of the Lord. Those who walk in the Will of the True Guru, never wander begging. || 2 || And one who lives in the Mansion of the Lord’s Presence, why should he bow down to any other? The gate-keeper at the Lord’s Gate shall not stop him to ask any questions. And one who is blessed with the Lord’s Glance of Grace — by his words, others are emancipated as well. || 3 || The Lord Himself sends out, and recalls the mortal beings; no one else gives Him advice. He Himself demolishes, constructs and creates; He knows everything. O Nanak, the Naam, the Name of the Lord is the blessing, given to those who receive His Mercy, and His Grace. || 4 || 3 || 5 ||

Punjabi Translation:

sUhI mhlw 1 ] (pRBU) ijnHW (jIvW) ƒ (ihrdy-rUp) BWfy ivc pRym (dI iB`iCAw dyNdw hY), (aus pRym dI brkiq nwl pRBU) auhnW dw jIvn sohxw bxw dyNdw hY [ auhnW auqy suKW dI b^SS krdw hY, auhnW dy du`K Bulw dyNdw hY [ ies g`l ivc rqw BI S`k nhIN ik Ajyhy jIvW ƒ pRBU zrUr (sMswr-smuMdr qoN) pwr lMGw lYNdw hY [1[ijnHW bMidAW ƒ (DuroN iliKAw b^SS dw) lyK iml jWdw hY, auhnW ƒ gurU Aw ky iml pYNdw hY [ gurU auhnW ƒ prmwqmw dw Awqmk jIvn dyx vwlw nwm is`iKAw vjoN dyNdw hY, auh bMdy (jIvn-s&r ivc) gurU dy d`sy Anuswr qurdy hn, qy (hor hor pwsy) Btkdy nhIN iPrdy [2[(gurU dy d`sy rwh qy qur ky) ijs bMdy ƒ prmwqmw dI hzUrI ivc QW iml jWdw hY auh iksy hor dy A`gy qrly nhIN krdw iPrdw; prmwqmw dy drvwzy qy (phuMcy hoey ƒ jm Awidk) drbwnW vloN koeI rqw Br BI pu`C-ig`C nhIN huMdI, ikauNik ijs gurU auqy mwlk-pRBU dI myhr dI nzr hY aus gurU dy bcn ivc (c`l ky) auh bMdw (ivkwrW qoN) mukq ho jWdw hY [3[ijs mwlk pRBU ƒ koeI hor dUjw koeI m`qW nhIN dy skdw hY auh Awp hI jIvW ƒ jgq ivc Byjdw hY Awp hI vwps s`d lYNdw hY, pRBU Awp hI jgq-rcnw FwhuMdw hY qy auswrdw hY, auh sB kuJ Awp hI pYdw krnI jwxdw hY [hy nwnk! ijs mnu`K auqy myhr dI nzr krn vwly pRBU dI ingwh ho jWdI hY aus ƒ b^SS vjoN aus dw nwm imldw hY [4[3[5[

Listen to Gurbani audio from Ang 729 which today's hukamnama is from.

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