Rana Sodhi Calls for Acceptance 'They Are Refugees, They Need Help'
"How we can say, 'OK, we are safe now,' and stop the other people to come here?" Sodhi asked.
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Sikh Community Eager to Help Syrian Refugees
[VIDEO] “We are really excited about the refugees coming and if we can help, why not?” said Balwant Sanghera, one of the organizers.
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Poet & Artist Rupi Kaur Battled Taboos About Women's Bodies
[VIDEO] 23-year old Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur has garnered over 280,000 loyal followers on her Instagram for her work that deals with heartbreak, abuse, love and femininity.
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Dhan Guru Nanak ~ a poem by Ramneet Kaur
Our compassionate Guru who hugged sinners, thieves and bandits showed them the path of righteousness and transformed their lives.
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Anectodal Evidence Suggests Guru Nanak Dev Ji Visited Uganda
A small settlement, a hundred miles from Kampala, Uganda, is named ‘Bamu Nanika’ which the locals revere for its spiritual powers.
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Western Media Asks for Sanity Against Racism
"We've got to continuously explain that we are not Muslims — but then say that even if we were, anti-Muslim animosity is unacceptable," Singh explains. "It's a two-step process."
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Million $ Sikh Boxing Movie Now Filming
Filming is underway in Hamilton for “Tiger,” a boxing movie starring Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, according to Film Hamilton Director Steve Colwell, who was on the set Monday.
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Top Ten Truths About Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib
Guru Teghbahadar Sahib’s life and legacy is unparalleled in the annals of world history. He proclaimed: “Be very clear in your mind, the insightful person is the one who doesn’t fear anyone nor frightens anyone.”
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Respected Young Sikh Politician Manmeet Bhullar Fatally Hit While Helping Another
[VIDEO] “I will miss him so much. We all will,” he continued. “And all of us are reaching out to his family and friends now. We will be there for you now the way he was always there for us.”
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Tu Mera Karta ~ Kirtan with Sand Art by Rasmegh Kaur
[VIDEO]Tu Mera Karta, Hao Sayvak Tera You are My Creator, and I am Your servant. Watch beautiful Sand Art while listening to the kirtan song.
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