How To Find True Love: Shabad Hazarai
[VIDEO] The soul longs for love. It's so innocent, and these poisons come and ambush it and everything such a challenge. That is why we meditate. That is why we chant. So we can give the Guru the chance to confront the ego, so we can answer the call of love.
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Interview with Jaipal Channa ~ Freelance Composer and Musician
This really changed the way I thought about the music; it became a message to those going through their troubles. Accentuating Guruka’s words as well as Resco’s lines in just the right way was challenging. I wrote in jazz chords, strings, myself on the trumpet and spent hours creating the beat - the end result is something I am very proud of.
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'Such Is Your Play' : Poems ~ by Amarjodh Singh Landa
Such is your play, to frolic between the two As maya lures my mind, teasing me from You. O Waheguru, help me understand this play,...
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Kaur Life: Inspiring Lioness Queens to Rule the World
Sangat: a concept that has been emphasized to me, and thus I have reiterated to others, for as long as I can remember. My mom telling me to be aware of the friends I was keeping at school, my camp counselors telling me that I should strive for sadh sangat, or people who will push me to be better in every moment.
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Sikh Celebrities Rally Behind FIBA Petition
[VIDEOS] The response from the Sikh community about the FIBA turban ban has been overwhelming. Following the basketball turban ban a petition on has been created. Among the Sikh celebrities that have endorsed this petition are: Daler Mehndi, The flying Sikh: Milkha Singh, Baba Iqbal Singh ji of Baru Sahib, Devender Pal Singh, Giribadat Singh, Bhangra singers and professional Sikh athletes.
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Poem ~ A Tribute to Yogi Bhajan - On His Birthday!
Many he inspired and uplifted, many he lead to the Guru's feet. A great messenger of the Guru passed away 10 years ago. His birthday is still celebrated every year and this is a loving tribute written by an admirer of his. "Dhan Dhan Yogi Bhajan"
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When the Saints Go Marching In
I have to say. This thing they call meditation? Pretty freaking cool. Before the Siri Singh Sahib’s teachings and I found each other, I’d been fed all sorts of hogwash by all sorts of well-meaning people...
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Bliss of Raag
This experience for me was so very powerful that even in this moment, I can back be in that same place, sitting there and witnessing all of this all over again. This memory is no doubt one of my dearest and most valuable, it’s only after 30 years that I’ve finally gathered the strength to dare to...
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The Most Beautiful Building in the World
Australian media writes a glittering expose on Hari Mandir Sahib highlighting the beauty, serenity and martial spirit that has allowed this place to bless humanity, "In this Billionaires Australia guide, we’ll take a look at the history, importance and extreme awesomeness of this fantastic building."
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Life as an Italian American Sikh Female Taxi Driver in NYC
Sikhs are very much like the Italians. The family structure is very much so. Everybody get's together, everybody loves each other, everybody's caring. Everything is the same but the quickest way to a man's heart in any culture is through his stomach. I think my heart is Punjabi but my heart is always Italian.
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