Life as an Italian American Sikh Female Taxi Driver in NYC
Sikhs are very much like the Italians. The family structure is very much so. Everybody get's together, everybody loves each other, everybody's caring. Everything is the same but the quickest way to a man's heart in any culture is through his stomach. I think my heart is Punjabi but my heart is always Italian.
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A Stitching Center of One’s Own for Impoverished Farm Women
Woolf underscored the dependence of literary genius on freedom of thought; of freedom of thought on the free availability of space; and of space on financial freedom that buys time and space—for the body, heart and head. ...
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Kids Engaged in Gurmat Crash Course
Guru Gobind Singh Circle Canada held another Gurmat Crash course. This was another jam-packed session after the Kitchener and Guelph this year. Children were excited to learn and participate. Spellbound number of kids participated and showed up all the three days.
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Parade for Sikhs of the Great War
Members of Preston’s Sikh community paraded through the city centre in remembrance of those who fought in the First World War. The free family event included live martial arts, children’s activities including a bouncy castle, as well as food, ice cream and arts and crafts.
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Dark days Continue for Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan
The recent incident of Afghan Sikhs rescued from a shipping container from a UK port has again brought to the limelight the plight of the Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan. Both the minority communities have been facing discrimination.
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We Want You!
Do you have an original story to tell? Something happening in your community, or with a person you know, that is inspiring and informative? Do you have views about Sikh spirituality in the modern world? A perspective to share about Sikh history or the Sikh identity?
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Anand Sahib : Remain with 'Har' ~ Second Pauree
The Divine is both present within the Creation, and unaffectedly watching and guiding it. This is the way I have come to understand the Unseen and the Unknown in the second pauree of the Anand Sahib.
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Explainer: Who Are The Afghan Sikhs?
The recent discovery of 35 men, women and children in a shipping container at Tilbury docks in Essex is shocking for many reasons. Few had known that people were being brought into the UK in shipping containers and even fewer knew the kind of dangers these people face in the process.
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Sikh Warrior Hari Singh Nalwa Tops List of 'Top Ten World Conquerors'
It is learnt that “Billionaires Australia” has compiled a list of Top Ten conquerors of the History. Sikh warrior Hari Singh Nalwa has topped the list, followed by Genghis Khan and Alexander ranked as second and third.
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New Park Named After Alberta's First Sikh: Harnam Singh Hari
His accent was strange, the turban even more so.... This weekend, Singh Hari is finally getting some recognition for a daring rags-to-riches story even more daunting than most, with the dedication of a city park in his name.
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