Mixed Marriages & Anand Karaj?
... its not just a conventional wedding with some Sikh ceremony around it. It is in a category of its own. It is a wedding with 2 brides, 1 groom and 1 master...
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Nine-Year-Old Sikh Can Now Do Sports Wearing His Kirpan!
Shanvir Singh is an initiated or amritdhari Sikh and wears the Sikh articles of faith, including the kirpan. Previously he wasn't even allowed to bring his kirpan in the arena.
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Myanmar Flood Relief Effort 2015: More than 5,000 Individuals Receive Aid
On August 6th, 2015, our Myanmar Flood Relief effort began in response to Cyclone Komen, which caused the worst flooding crisis Myanmar has ever seen.
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Selfless Migrant Sikh Taxi Driver Serves Food to Needy
[VIDEO] A Sikh migrant taxi who cooks up 30 kilograms of authentic Indian cuisine to feed the homeless after his night shift is being hailed 'Australian of The Day'.
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Why Sikhs Ought to be Happy, Not Worried
There may be many challenges the Sikhs face, population is not one of them.
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Harbinderjit Singh Dhillon Gets Indonesia’s Mahaputra Star
HS Dhillon, a prominent Sikh in the forefront of Indonesian political activism for more than two decades, was bestowed the Bintang Mahaputra (Star of Mahaputra), the second highest decoration awarded by the Indonesian government.
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Stories of Sisterhood: The Singh Twins
We live in an era which prizes individuality over almost any other human trait. The ability to work in a team, the ability to become a part of another’s self is almost frowned upon.
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‘Chaar Sahibzaade’ Sequel Is On!
The year 2014 witnessed the power of true storytelling through the use of animation as a medium in Indian cinema landscape for the very first time.
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Bobby Dhaliwal Wants To Be Prime Minister...
But one candidate vying to be the country's next prime minister has managed to evade the spotlight. Until now, that is.
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Google Talks: Kingsley & Clarkson on Sikhs
"What I also love about the film is, as strong as the Sikh community and the beautiful life that is present in this film, at a certain point, this film is really just about two adults."
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