Should the Koh-i-Noor be returned to India?
Should the Koh-i-Noor and other Sikh historical artifacts brought to UK following the annexation of Punjab in 1849, be returned to India, or should these be safeguarded and preserved in the UK for the benefit of the world Sikh community ?
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US Lawmakers Call for Allowing Turbaned Sikh Basketball Players
In a letter to International Basketball Federation, lawmakers in the US have urged that turbans should not be seen as a violation of official rules of the world body.
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Fourth Annual Conference celebrating Prakash Utsava of Sri Guru Granth Sahib
This year's conference theme: “ The timeless, universal message of SGGS – across centuries, cultures, religions and continents”
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Sikh ViewPoint on Climate Change at Global Young Leaders Meet in Rome
Sikh representatives shared Guru Nanak teachings on environmental issues to a huge gathering comprising of over 100 youth environmental leaders and hundreds of social activists from all over the world at the opening of a major international event for climate action at Rome, Italy.
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What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Coke
Here's how your body goes nuts during the 60 minutes after you drink a Coke.
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Peaceful Human rights activist on hunger strike ~ Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa
The whole world knows about hunger strike by Bapu Surat Singh who clearly sends the serene message for the release of the Sikh prisoners. Time for action and peace!!!
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Revving Up
Uber, New York City division. Last week, the de Blasio administration dropped its plans to limit the car-service app’s growth while it studies the impact of ride-hailing apps on traffic. The decision ended weeks of public squabbling.
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Sikh View about Euthanasia and Suicide.
Not assisted dying, but Guru-guided living, is the Sikh way.
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Gatka ~ A Martial Art that Empowers Our Life
It is a martial art, but it is also a spiritual practice, which aims to bring balance to our being. Gatka was employed in historical Sikh wars and has been thoroughly battle-tested, when there was a need to defend the dharma.
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Chandi Di Var and Game of Thrones
[VIDEO] Do you watch Game of Thrones? The Mother-Of-Dragons is standing surrounded in the arena. Everything is lost, and what does she do? She goes right to the inside, and from her spirit calls her dragon... It's a classic story of when spirit overcomes evil.
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