It's Time to Take a Leap of Faith
This is Guruka Singh at SikhNet inviting you to watch this short video I made with you in mind. It talks about the Leap of Faith that SikhNet is about to make and how we came to know we had no choice but to make it.
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Modi: "Dagger That Pierced Through India's Chest"
In what many in the Congress see as an "insult", there was no one from the central government at Indira Gandhi's memorial. Modi said, "...the attack was not on a particular community but on the entire nation."
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First Turbaned Sikh Woman in Canadian Navy
The WSO regularly provides information to the Canadian Forces with respect to Sikh practices and articles of faith. When Wanda McDonald made her request to wear the turban, the World Sikh Organization was consulted...
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Living History November 1984
[VIDEO] The living history project was born out of the belief that every Sikh alive in 1984 has a story to tell. These stories together tell a larger story. Not all consistent, not all in line with the prevalent narrative. All the more reason to spend this month learning and re-learning.
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Keriwal Calls for 1984 Probe
The AAP government had on February 06 recommended to probe the anti-Sikh riots with in one year. Kejriwal recently posted on Twitter: “Compensation for 1984 riots victims is a good step. But it is important they get justice. AAP government announced SIT. Government should notify it now.”
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Modi Gvt. Gives Rs. 5 Lakh to 1984 Victims
In a significant move, the Narendra Modi government on Thursday announced compensation of Rs 5 lakh each to be given to the kin of 3,325 people killed during anti-Sikh riots in the national capital in 1984.
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Innovative Dr. Takes on the World
Being a pioneer surgeon was not enough for Dr Mahipal Sachdev. He wanted to be more than a doctor. So, although his family advised him not to, Sachdev listened to his inner voice and left the safe environment...
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My Life With Leukemia
Sikhi has kept me alive. The ability to recite Jaapji in the mornings, and listen to Sukhmani Sahib whenever I feel weak is a constant reminder of what my husband tells me. My work isn’t done yet. I need to continue fighting and Sikhi gives me the strength to do so
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Singh CEO Filed for Kirpan
The judge ruled that allowing the student to wear the sword would give other students an opportunity to understand the tradition and heritage of the Sikh religion. “In my opinion it’s a positive educational tool...
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Sikhs Call for Multi-faith Joint Strategy on Climate Change
“We, as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, and humanists are faced with a serious challenge that will not only test us physically, but will also test our faith to keep fighting..."
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