The Guru's Birthday
We all know that Siri Guru Granth Sahib is our Guru. For most of us, this is what we believe. Yet, if we are honest, it is too often a concept rather than a reality.
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Think Sikh: Bolivia Respects Mata Dharat as a Person With Legal Rights
Sikh-Think seeing Sikh in the world. Bolivia is to become the first country in the world to give mother earth comprehensive legal rights!
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Glasgow's £15m Gurdwara Capped Off With Golden Dome
It has the combined weight of a small elephant, but the glistening dome atop what will be Scotland's largest Sikh temple is finally in place.
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U.S. Congressman is Called 'Singh'
He talked about, "America's foundation of diversity, land of many faiths- strains of thread that connects all these faiths." In the spirit of the moment, Congressman Carson was made an honorary "Singh" with a resounding Jakara.
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Bani During Pregnancy
"One thing I have realized is when in doubt, when in desperation, especially after a horrible bout with nausea, Simran has been the balm that has soothed my fears and carried me through."
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The Khalsa of Guru Sahiban
This forms an introduction to the beliefs and values of the Khalsa and the Sikhs. The occasion of 1699 very much fresh in the minds of the Sikhs as they recall and reflect on those distant days with the Tenth Guru Nanak and the city of Anandpur Sahib.
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Baxter the Robot- Will He Take Your Job?
[VIDEO] Even though we are all unique and special in our own ways, the robots are coming! The question is, will they steal our jobs?
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The Spirit of Gurbani
In this video, Siri Singh Sahib ji discussed the sacredness that comes when we meditate in the ambrosial hours, and the love that takes us away from duality. And this is the gift that Gurbani gives the human.
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Guru is the Dr. & Bani is the Rx (Basics of Sikhi)
bani is not a ritual we are doing it to get enlightened. if you read it and try to understand you experience it. if we don't experience bani then the fault is with us.
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The Living Guru
Guruka Singh Ji speaks about how Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the Living Guru.
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