Taking The Turban Back From The Taliban ~ Exclusive Interview
SikhNet got a chance to speak with the co-creator of the new Super Sikh Comic. This is a must read for anyone who is a comic fan or is interested in Sikh media.
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Resisting the Razor
Kaurs may feel alone and isolated with no one as a role model or no one to talk to about their challenges. In attempt to build community and learn from one another, Kaur Life reached out to its readers to find out how they handled the pressure to shave and how they resisted the razor.
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Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji Maharaj ~ A Tribute
These souls are blessed with all the divine attributes of the Akal Purakh. Their omniscient understanding of the cosmos is not intellectual but divine, experiential, and clairvoyant.
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Teen World Champion Leaves his Body
Ekjot was a humble champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player. Only God knows Gods Will. He passed during the night in a one in a million chance. The service is this weekend.
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This Life Is Yours Lord ~ Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe
[VIDEO] The film is of “BHAGAT PURAN SINGH”, a man who treaded a difficult and exhausting path. The journey was made possible by his infinite faith in his mission...
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WSO Assists Help Law Student Wear Kirpan
The World Sikh Organization of Canada has successfully assisted a Sikh student barred from wearing his kirpan into the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
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UK Sikhs Invited to Sikh Manifesto Launch on January 31
Sikhs living across UK have been invited to the launch of the Sikh Manifesto. The launch of the Sikh Manifesto and 50 target seats is expected to attract widespread national mainstream media interest as well as coverage by all our own Sikh and Punjabi media.
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Must Watch 'KAUR' Trailer
All of us here at SikhNet feel excited and proud to announce the launch of our first short original animation: KAUR. Available to audiences around the world free online
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Balbir Sodhi's Brother Spreading Awareness
Rana Sodhi, who's brother was killed in a hate crime, said he has made it his “life mission” to educate people about his faith and values and was in Washington for the release of a report on American awareness of and attitudes toward Sikhs.
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Sikh MP Champions Holocaust Remembrance
Tim Uppal was there as the head of the official Canadian delegation for the commemoration ceremony, a role in keeping with his post as Canada's minister of state for multiculturalism.
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