Shaheeds gave up their lives so we could be here today. They did not intend for us to be lazy and average human beings. We are meant to be elite warriors and truly experience this body in its entirety
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Guruka Singh will be Teaching in India April 2015
This Teacher Training is blessed to take place in the holy city of Amritsar. We will be continuously inspired by the presence and radiance of the Golden Temple...
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My Life Changed After I Assaulted a Sikh Man
He had done nothing to warrant my actions, I had simply hit rock bottom with my career and my drinking. He was simply in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time.
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BBC Recognizes Sikhs Feeding Freezing Homeless
The Guru Nanak’s Mission charity gets recognized by the BBC for feeding free meals to the homeless in Nottingham, UK. The charity has been preparing food at the local Gurdwara Sahib in Nottingham.
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Why do Sikh Girls Struggle to Marry Punjabi Boys? ~ [OP-ED]
It takes no genius to realise that there is a great paradox between the Sikh philosophy and Punjabi culture. There is so much discrimination in Punjabi culture that it pains me that these Punjabi’s proudly call themselves Sikhs...
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Art and Life
We continue to preach against statues, icons and pictures and yet most Sikh homes continue to display the image of one or more Gurus.
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Fall In Love With A Lion
This is a poem I wrote so that regardless of your appearance, I wanted Sikh men and women to feel beautiful within their own skin. "I dream of his free-flowing beard. His magnificent mane, curled and twisted along his beautiful strong jaw."
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Getting Tubular ~ or How to Overcome the Five Obstacles
How can we hope to reach this state, feeling truly free upon the earthly plane? Holding responsibilities, jobs, families, schedules, etc., and yet feel joyfully unfettered? How can we be truly “tubular” (an empty tube for divine spirit to flow through) so that what we produce out of us does not exhaust us?
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Aussie Sikhs Face Hate
Mr Singh certainly was not an extremist and he had never identified as Muslim. Yet his experience matches that of other Australian Sikhs, who say they have shared the brunt of anti-Islamic sentiment in some parts of the community.
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5 Myths Getting in the Way of Your Peaceful Slumber ...
So why are we all not sleep “experts,” laying down at night only to fall asleep, sound asleep, as soon as our head hits the pillow?
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